The Color Purple

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Book by Marsha Norman
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Bray, Allee Willis, and Brenda Russell
Directed by Michael Matthews
Celebration Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
March 9 – May 26, 2012

“Critic’s Choice”

“Critics Pick”


“Above all, this exuberant “Color Purple” creates an opportunity to count blessings — including 99-seat theaters that take on challenging shows with minimal budgets. Celebration Theatre’s raise-the-roof production shows up the bigger, better-funded venues in town. In L.A., less is so often more. Pantages, Center Theatre Group, La Mirada, are you watching?”


“Director Michael Matthews has assembled a gifted creative team and a blisteringly talented cast of 17, all displaying powerful voices and unlimited enthusiasm while elevating Janet Roston’s superb choreography, which is beautifully realized despite tight space constraints.”


“Matthews’ lively and inventive take on the literate tuner provides rousing entertainment and plenty of food for thought while eliciting a tear or two.”


“…may I offer a prayer that the brilliant Michael Matthews (who will most likely nab not just the nomination, but an actual Ovation Award this year) will soon be offered the opportunity to delve into some seriously good projects. If he can take The Color Purple and turn it into a rainbow, I can only imagine what this Golden Boy of L.A. Theater would create with some serious literature. Here’s your visionary, Theater World. Don’t make me beg.”



Ovation Award- Production/Musical
Ovation Award- Director/Musical
Ovation Award- Choreography
Ovation Award- Musical Direction
Ovation Award- Featured Actress
Ovation Nomination- Actor
Ovation Nomination- Actress
Ovation Nomination- Featured Actress
Ovation Nomination- Featured Actress
Ovation Nomination- Lighting Design
Ovation Nomination- Costume Design
LA Weekly Award- Production/Musical
LA Weekly Award- Director/Musical
LA Weekly Award- Music Direction
LA Weekly Nomination- Choreography
LA Weekly Nomination- Ensemble
LADCC Award- Music Direction
LADCC Nomination- Choreography
LADCC Nomination- Ensemble

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