Being 11

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By Courtney Shaughnessy
Directed by Michael Matthews
Serendipity Theatre Company
at Victory Gardens
Chicago, IL
February 8-March 15, 2003

“Matthews remounts his very popular production…thanks mainly to an imaginative, warm-hearted and undeniably funny production from Michael Matthews.”

“Top 10 shows of 2003”
“…Director Michael Matthews makes the play seem better than it is, handling easily the multiple transitions between characters being “interviewed” as adults and playing themselves at 12…”

“…Director Michael Matthews has assembled a powerhouse group of actors who avoid the temptation of falling into the shallow “type” trap. They fearlessly embrace being children again. Everyone will recognize the shy kid, the frustrated guy who always picks fights, the teacher’s pet. Yet, more importantly, they will see them as multidimensional individuals, not as caricatures. The cast convincingly gives itself over to the inhibitions, anguish and aching assertions
of youth.”