The Judas Kiss

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By David Hare
Directed by Michael Matthews
Circle Theatre
Chicago, IL
July 14-August 22, 2004

“….Michael Matthews’ superb, surprising little summer production…Most significantly of all, Matthews’ direction is careful and considered but also well-paced and rippling with the kind of panache necessitated by any play in which someone representing Oscar Wilde is speaking. You just have to look at the faces in the mainly young and entirely non-Equity cast to sense that this show was cast with unusual care…”.

“Critic’s Choice”

”…David Hare and Michael Matthews make this twisted passion play matter beyond anything you can imagine till you see it!”

“Director Michael Matthews has his seven actors in top form in this smoothly presented, well crafted look of love and betrayal…THE JUDAS KISS has the elements of first-class theatre- a powerfully crafted script, dynamite performances and sleek direction make this gem one of 2004’s best.”

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