Stupid Kids

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By John C. Russell
Directed by Michael Matthews
Celebration Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
February 12 – April 6, 2008

“Director Michael Matthews elevates Russell’s geek fantasy, probing its ritual surface to find the truth in its precocity,..”


“STUPID KIDS is a dazzling company triumph.”


“Critic’s Choice”


“Directed by Michael Matthews, the four-person ensemble is spot-on from first moment to last-, each crafting a distinct and beguiling persona.”




“The production is surprisingly impressive, like a big broadway musical scaled down in size but ramped up in ingenuity, veering from a kind of prime time sitcom professionalism to a poetry-drenched series of solo riffs and ensemble pieces.”


“Matthews’ continuing ability to present almost every play he’s tackled on the tiny Celebration stage with consummate skill, arranging innovative visual tableaus without leaving the sense that his often quirky and potentially pretentious staging could easily overpower the production, is fast proving him to be one of the freshest and most promising directorial talents in Los Angeles.”



LA Weekly Award: Ensemble
LADCC Nomination: Ensemble

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