The Jazz Age

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By Allan Knee
Directed by Michael Matthews
The Blank Theatre in Association with Jana Robbins
Los Angeles, CA
February 7- March 29, 2009




“Director Michael Matthews and the fine cast follow Knee’s heavy-handed writing with fierce dramatics that effectively play like the most overarching characterizations of 1940s plays by Tennessee Williams – with Prete’s powerful Zelda resembling Blanche.”


“ This play by Allan Knee, directed by Michael Matthews, features Luke Macfarlane (Scotty Wandell on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters) as F. Scott Fitzgerald, with Jeremy Gabriel as Ernest Hemingway and Heather Prete as Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. The cast was phenomenal, and the intimate play was riveting, as it explores the relationships between three fascinating historical figures to the backdrop of an onstage jazz band. The plot takes us through the intertwining twists of three tragic but brilliant lives, asking what motivates us to make such bad choices. Every element of the production was successful, and the direction by Michael Matthews was deft and lyrical.”

“At an hour and 50 minutes, The Jazz Age teeters just around that length of a play in need of some sort of intermission — just when the “mad dash for the bathroom” pangs sweep over your body, the play comes to a screeching halt. And it’s that sort of frantic energy that makes Allan Knee’s high-pitched piece such a success (thanks, in large part, to director Michael Matthews’ quick pacing and the in-your-face performances of a trio of able actors).”


“Upon entering The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre, one is confronted with live music; a three piece combo sits high above the stage, introducing ones ears to the sounds ahead. Ian Whitcomb and His Bungalow Boys bring historic authenticity to the proceedings. Their music enlivens the production with buoyancy and purpose. This production crackles with authenticity and sparkle. The sets and lighting (by Kurt Boetcher & Tim Swiss, respectively) encase the play beautifully and Michael Mullen’s period-perfect costumes take your breath away. For an unforgettable evening of theatre, get your tickets now.”


“The successes and lifestyles that bring them down are told in a perfectly written drama that tugs at one’s heartstrings. Should we feel sorry for them is not the point. It is the production itself that makes it so appealing, the stupendous acting by Gabriel, Macfarlane, and Prete under the excellent direction of Michael Matthews.”


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