The Bacchae

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By Euripides
Adapted by Allain Rochel
Directed by Michael Matthews
Celebration Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
January 12 – February 18, 2007


Ovation Nomination- Best Director
Ovation Nomination- Best Production
Ovation Nomination- Best Lighting Design
Ovation Nomination- Best Sound Design
“One often hears how film is a director’s
medium, on the stage the actor is king, but
in this instance the cast has graciously
abdicated its primacy to the vision of director,
Michael Matthews, and the result is a darkly
thrilling production that manages to be
practically seamless.”


“Matthews and his remarkable forces fuse
various theatrical techniques together with
arresting results.”




“Critic’s Pick”
“Smartly directed by Michael Matthews.”
–LA Weekly

“…moves quickly under Matthews’ razor-
sharp direction.”
–LA Weekly

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