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By Kander and Ebb
Directed by Michael Matthews
Celebration Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
May 25-September 16, 2018

“Critic’s Choice”


“Recommended/Top 10”


‘’But the best reason of all is that Cabaret is being given a smashingly good, brilliantly inventive, gloriously eye-filling, unflaggingly exciting revival. It gives the audience one of those experiences that send a tingle up its spine and reminds it that the play’s the thing wherein to catch the conscience of our times. In short, it’s a hell of a show. It’s a dandy entertainment. And it’s yet another bit of palpable evidence as to why Celebration Theatre, director Michael Matthews, and choreographer Janet Roston are a few of the local treasures of Los Angeles Theater, continually giving us a hint of the amazing theater in Chicago where Mr. Matthews cut his teeth. That they assemble these shows on tight budgets and with limited rehearsal time is always remarkable. That the creators can come up with something this rich and this bountiful is awesome. You might even say it’s nothing short of a miracle.  Tough muscularity and stringent sardonicism punctuates Matthews’ vision. And as seriously as he takes getting to the heart of this musical, Roston expertly knows how to make the most of the songs and the dances. We are having such a good time that we barely notice the dark side until the laughter curdles inside us and we fully realize that the fun, which is contagious, is at our own expense.’’


‘’Director Michael Matthews’ contribution to this production extends far beyond visual elements but delves deep into the fabric of the characters and the sinister atmosphere of Nazi Germany as he draws a parallel to today’s Trump America.’’


‘’Matthews has constructed a pressure cooker of a show, using it as an allegory of our own American political journey. The way he ties Cabaret’s Emcee to the message is equal parts disturbing and beautiful. From the initial picture that opens the show to the final monstrous ending image, this one will chill you to the bone.’’


‘’Matthews is a brilliant director, making every precise moment count. This is perhaps the greatest musical of all time next to West Side Story and Celebration’s production ranks right up there with Roundabout’s latest national tour.’’


‘’Even if you have seen CABARET many times before, this dark, eerily relevant masterful production brings it to you like you’ve never seen it before, thanks to director Michael Matthews who shares many instances mirroring the dangerous climate in our world today about following a leader who does not really have our best interests at heart. Fight that urge, he reminds us. RESIST before it is too late.’’


‘’From the first potent image of the Emcee (Alex Nee) rising out of a smoky, Stygian darkness, director Michael Matthews announces his intention of challenging our thoughts about Kander and Ebb’s classic musical Cabaret. This does not mean that Matthews is disrespectful of the material. He’s too good a director to make arbitrary or perverse decisions just to be different. It means that he has studied the script and score in such detail that he is able to find a concept that is personal, provocative, and original.

Matthews’ incisive direction propels the action forward while making sure that every moment is completely realized. In this, he is aided by a strong cast of actor/singers.’’



2019 Ovation Nomination: Director/Musical
2019 Ovation Nomination: Production/Musical
2019 Ovation Nomination: Featured Actress/Musical
2019 Ovation Nomination: Set Design
2019 Ovation Nomination: Sound Design
2019 Ovation Nomination: Costume Design
2019 Ovation Nomination: Lighting Design